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Crime Night
Tideman Foto


Ulf Broberg
Photographer: Sven Tideman


Ulf Broberg holds a long and extensive experience as a broadcasting journalist, since the beiginning of the 90's. First within "the old local radio LRAB, at the Radio Uppland Station. From 1994 Swedish (national) Radio and it's broadcasting managment in the Broadcasting House in Stockholm. Initially in the position of assistant editor-in-chief and later more than ten years as project manager, with the task and responsibility of creating a web-based continuous 24/7 flow of real time disturbance- and incident information. Ulf also worked several years within the EBU, European Broadcasting Union, with chairmanships in the TTI domain, on Nordic and European level, the later chaired from Geneva, Switzerland.

This have created relations with and within literally all the Swedish Society's vital functions and activities. Ulf is considered to be one of rather few swedish journalist's with great knowledge, insight and good view of infrastructure's vital to the community. He is sometimes engaged as an outside expert in critical infrastructure, among others in the context of exercices and in writing scenario's.

From July 2007 Ulf work's trough his own companies, with Broberg Innovation Ltd. as the basic operation. Broberg Innovation offers ett wide spectrum of services in co-operation with different contacts and partners.

As an author, Ulf now have five police-thrilles published in Swedish, together with co-writer Chief Super Intendent Peter Lundström of the Swedish National Police, and an sixth novel planned for september 2010. And there are other ongoing projects within the authorship domain, among others scriptwriter commissions.